Konopiště – Commercial hunts

The present high level of hunting at Forest Enterprise Konopiště is based on the tradition of the times when Ferdinand d´Este established a pheasant breeding farm and a specialized stud for raising fallow deer, does and red deer. Hunters from all over the world come to attend the local hunts in pheasantries, game parks as well as in open hunting forests every hunting season. Rich hunting grounds provide them with the possibility to travel 100 years back in time, and also with many other things connected with hunting.

Forest Enterprise Konopiště operates different types of hunting grounds – for pheasants with an acreage of 2 030hectares in which 60 000 pheasants are shot per year; as well as the following deer parks – „Vlková“ with an acreage of 450 hectares. Mouflons, fallow deer and Dybowski deer are raised in park. Forest Enterprise Konopiště cares for the open hunting grounds with an acreage of 7  422 hectares, where one can hunt roe deer and wild boar. During winter, wild boar drives are organized in these hunting grounds.  It is possible to arrange accommodation in Praque, the capital of the Czech Republic or according to the hunters´ requirements, in modern hotels – „Sen“ Hotel, „Konopiště“ Motel or in the Štiřín chateau, which are located close to the hunting grounds. The Štiřín chateau has been reconstructed as a hotel. It was owned before World War I by Baron Ringhofer, who used to be a frequent visitor to the Ferdinand d´Estes hunting grounds. Following its conversion between 1990 and 1994, the Štiřín chateau was the as first in the Czech Republic to be admitted into the European Chateau Hotels and Restautrants Association. The English „palace park“ surrounding the hotel has a nine- hole golf course, tennis courts, equestrian facilities and an opportunity to swim in sa natural pond.

During the pheasant hunting season melas are usually arranged in the Stará Myslivna Restaurant, which is situated on the hunting grounds of Forest Enterprise. The official end to each day’s hunting is proclaimed in this restaurant. You may then enjoy specialities of the old Czech hunting cuisine at the festive table. Off-season guided tours of the Konopiště chateau, the interiors of which are among the most beautiful to be found in the Czech Republic, can be arranged for interested parties.


Each hunting guest is accompanied by a hunting guide during all hoofed game and wild boar hunts. It is forbidden for armed people to enter a hunting range without a competent guide. Trophies are prepared by boiling and simple blanching and they are ready for evaluation and handing over to the foreign guest up to 24 hours after the hunt.

The CIC evaluation of the trophies is done by qualified employees of the Forest Enterprise in accordance with international standards. Fees for shooting are based on the point evaluation of the respective trophy.

The CIC evaluation is done while the shot animal is still fresh and serves purely commercial purposes in accordance with this pricelist. Consequently, its value can differ from the value which has been determined after the required drying and fixing of the trophy. In case of shooting or wounding an animal which has not been approved by the guide, a fee which amounts to 100 per cent of the price listed in the pricelist will be charged. A binding booking of a hunt is understood to be a hunt for which a deposit was paid:

Roebuck from 300,- €
Stag Dybowski from 600,- €
Fallow buck from 350,- €
Mouflon from 450,- €

Each hunting guest is obliged to submit a valid hunting licence, including the statutory insurance valid in the Czech Republic. Hunters from the Czech Republic are required to submit a shooting licence and a gun licence, foreigners are required to submit a relevant shipping document. Forest Enterprise Konopiště will take care of issuing the foreign hunters with a hunting licence. In order to do this, it is necessary to send in a copy of a valid hunting licence and passport well in advance. Prices for other services and activities not listed in the pricelist, as well as kinds of game not listed, can be agreed on prior to the hunt in the form of a written agreement about the hunt. A hunting guest is obliged to pay expenses before his departure from the Czech Republic.

Detailed prices for hunting, hunting periods and more information about LS Konopiště see here.