Timber harvest

LČR is the most significant producer of sustainable raw material – timber in the Czech Republic. Annual harvest ranges around 8.5m m3. The goal of timber harvest is to increase stability, resilience, quality and bio diversity in young forests, i.e. so called tending felling, as well as early start of natural regeneration processes in forests by new more resistant forest stands of higher quality and with varied tree species next to old forests – so called regeneration felling. Another important harvest goal is the removal of sick, damaged and infested trees in order to prevent the spreading of pest and diseases to healthy trees. Any forest harvest has to be done in line with legal regulation and with the strategy of sustainable forest management.

Forest certification (PEFC)

List of forest units with certificates

*List of certificates confirming the participation of individual LČR forest units in forest certification is alphabetised according to individual management units and enterprises.


Purchase contract for the sale of wood

Why timber constructions?

  • Timber, contrary to other building material, is renewable
  • Building a wooden house requires 4-5times less energy as compared to a brick house
  • Well-maintained wooden house lasts as long a brick house
  • Living in a wooden house is healthier and more comfortable as compared to living in a brick house

Timber required to build one house grows in Czech forests within three minutes!