Tips and awareness

Forest pedagogy

Forest pedagogy is one of the methods of forestry and environmental awareness raising that passes on true information about forests and forest management in a playful form via forest pedagogues. Most important is that participants learn about forest by experience as they learn to perceive forest by all senses during forest pedagogy activities which means that they perceive it in a natural way and can easily remember it.

The motto of forest pedagogy is: To teach about forest in forest.

The main goal of forest pedagogy is to teach children in line with their education programmes, to increase public’s interest in forests, to improve the human relation to nature, to show what a forester does and to explain the importance of forest management.

Another goal of forest pedagogy is that foresters are at the same time forest pedagogues in their forests, because they know well the environment, can explain about forests and pass on experience collected in line of their work.

Forest pedagogue

A forest pedagogue is an expert who studied forestry or who has practical experience with forestry and who passed a certified forest pedagogy course and who can explain about forest in an entertaining way.

Professional forester at LČR


LČR carries out the activities of a professional forester both in state-owned forests under own management and in forests in other hands. LČR is the holder of the professional forester licence ref. no. 77942/06/ŽP/Pěn/80286 of 1 September 2006.

Professional forester has two basic forms for forest owners:

The first one is set forth under the valid Forest Act and is about providing professional management in forests that are managed based on simplified forest plans unless the state forest administration body decided about authorising another legal entity or natural person to carry out the function or unless the forest owners select their own professional forester. The costs of professional foresters are borne by the Government. The second form is a paid position when professional foresters provide their service based on an agreement. Mainly owners of forests over 50 hectares that are connected to state-owned forests are interested in the professional forester service provided by LČR.

Information and education centres

The main goal of information and education centres is to explain to public what foresters do incl. nature conservation that is historic and integral part of forest management. And to do so, there is a wide range of special programmes everybody can choose from. The Information and education centre Křivoklát is managed by the Forest Management Unit Křivoklát. In the centre, there is a permanent exhibition suitable for all age categories. There are also interactive elements that will appeal mainly to children. Next to the centre is an outdoor facility with educational and recreational elements as well as educational and tourist trails.