Game management at LČR

At LČR, game management, the basic activity influencing the management of wild life populations, conforms to close-to-nature management of forests. The goal of game management is to achieve balance between game and forest while providing for high-quality game management. Adequate cloven-hoofed game populations in relation to forests are populations with numbers allowing both artificial and natural regeneration of basic, amelioration and pioneering tree species according to target management sets with the follow-up protection against game damage in line with Ministry of Agriculture Regulation no. 101/1996 Sb. as amended.


Hence, the public interest in this area can be defined as follows:

  • Concordance and balance between growing forest and managing game
  • Supporting and maintaining gene pool of rare and endangered game species and wildlife
  • Allowing hunters to hunt game in rented hunting areas
  • Allowing broad public to learn about game management, traditions and current development of game preserves and pheasantries

LČR manage over 1,100 own hunting areas with 950 hunting areas being rented to various entities. As for cloven-hoofed game management, LČR prefers game preserves. LČR owns 40 game preserves and manages half of them. LČR manages also 10 pheasantries, mainly at Židlochovice enterprise.