Leisure time in forests

LČR has been established pursuant to Act no. 77/1997 Sb., on state enterprise, as amended, in order to “satisfy significant social, strategic or public interests”.

In order to do so, LČR gradually drafted and adopted several concepts, mainly Programme 2020 – Providing for Public Interest at LČR, and it cooperates with NGOs, mainly the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) and Czech Tourist Club (KČT).

Within this strategy, LČR are building many educational trails and other constructions with special facilities in order to make the stay in forest as pleasant as possible and allow visitors to collect the most beautiful experiences in forests.

Public events

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Tips for trips

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Educational trails

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Days with LČR

  • Days with LČR and other events for public in 2019

This project has been running since 2000. Each and every year, competitions and educational days for children and teenagers are organised in our forests. The events take place is various parts of the Czech Republic, and even though they have similar programme structure, each event is unique in terms of its environment and spirit. Every year, LČR organizes over 1,200 events for over 100,000 children.

Both participants and organisers like these events; so please come and see for yourself!

LČR Programme 2020

By publishing the Programme 2020 – Providing for Public Interest at LČR, we decided to give broad public a chance to send in ideas and proposals for actions (measures).  LČR plans to invest over CZK 500m into these measures by 2020.

Concrete ideas and proposals can be sent electronically to Program2020@lesycr.cz. Proposals are to be specified in as much details as possible in terms of area (at least the respective region), actual description of measures according to the individual programme chapters. All received proposals and ideas will be assessed in terms of their feasibility with regard to related aspects. Selected proposals will be included in the programme pool; individual projects will be implemented in order to cover the entire country and according to available funds. 

Individual measures under this programme will be implemented only in areas which LČR is authorised to manage. LČR is adopting measures both on its own through its organisation units, i.e. forest management units, forest enterprises and water stream administration, and in cooperation with local and regional partners such as municipalities, micro regions, nature conservation bodies or NGOs. Naturally, the implementation of any measure follows the respective legal regulations.

Information system in forest

Information panels and marking at LČR

Cooperation with Czech Tourist Club (KČT)

Czech Tourist Club is the largest Czech tourist organisation that unites active tourists from childhood to retirement. The Club was established already in 1888.

While on a trip or strolling in nature, KČT members and broad public use the trail marking maintained by “markers”. Currently, KČT maintains the complete network of marked trails all over the country.

LČR has been with KČT for long time, and in 2018, a new agreement was signed that regulates the relations between both parties and declares the commitment of both organisations to raise awareness of forest visitors in terms of considerate behaviour in nature and to mutually cooperate when fulfilling the recreation function of forests.

LČR supported the cooperation by subsidising the markings of trail crossings and by placing laminated maps.

Cooperation with Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP)

Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) is the largest voluntary organisation that focuses on natural and cultural heritage, environmental education and support of sustainable life in the Czech Republic. It was established in 1979 and currently it unites over 7,000 members in 300 basic organisation and 70 groups of Yong Nature Conservationists.

LČR has been cooperating with ČSOP since 1999. LČR is the general partner of the Biodiversity Protection Programme. Ober 150 biodiversity protection projects (measures for conservation of endangered forest tree species, plants, songbirds, birds of prey and owls, bats, mapping valuable sites within and outside of forests) run under this programme. Eco-centres and eco-stations activities for disabled animals are supported, information material is published, Green Trail – Green Leaf ad Ecological Olympic Games – natural science competitions for children and youth are organised, a Nature Views Photo Contest and other activities are opened. But most importantly, cooperation between foresters and nature conservationists while dealing with local issues is established and solutions acceptable for both sides are sought.