Forests of the Czech Republic, State-owned Company, Seed Plant Týniště nad Orlicí

Seed Plant Týniště nad Orlicí In 1996, seed plant in Týniště nad Orlicí remembered 25 years from its foundation. The new seed plant continues in centralised extracting of seed from wood species in České Budějovice which has a 60-years tradition here. The company has started new stage in forest seeding in the Czech Republic up to world standards due to its capacity and up-to-date machinery.

Seed plant provides all forest owners with professional services in conifer extracting, deciduous tree processing, seed cleaning, sorting and dressing, short-term and long-term seed storing including pre-sowing preparation and laboratory analyses. The seed remains in clients‘ ownership all the time. They are responsible for its origin which shall be documented by Letter of origin at seed delivery. They have to ensure sufficient seed reserves from rich crop in order to cover forest reproduction needs also in periods when trees do not produce.

Cone store is a detached four-storey building with store boxes. It has been designed to take 800 t cones in one. The cones are stored separately according to individual cone sorts. The extractory consists of extracting chambers having sufficient capacity for separate extracting of individual cone sorts. These are combined hot air extracting chambers consisting of three levels and finish extracting drum. The temperature mode is controlled from central control board. Machine line consisting of pre-extracting, wing-removing and final clearing of extracted seed is equipped with pre-cleaners, wing-removing machines and combined cleaning machine lines. Qualitative analyses of seed are made at examining seed orchard in Uherské Hradiště.

Clean seed is packed in vacuum packing and stored in an air conditioned store at temperature 2-3 °C. Refrigerating box in which genetically valuable seed sorts are stored, so called forest seed bank is an isolated part of air conditioned store.

Construction of a new building for deciduous tree processing, especially beech processing was completed in 1992. Beech-nuts are prepared for long-term storing here. Refrigerating boxes can take 100t of refrigerated beech seed. The seed plant Semenářský závod expands its activities also to other areas such as fruit processing of various leafed shrubs and per-sowing preparation of deciduous and coniferous trees.